Felix Angell's personal website

About Me

Hi! I'm a software engineer. I live in Brighton, and I work in London at eBay.

Alongside this, I'm pursuing my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Brighton.

Previously, I worked on the Horizon 2020 Beaconing project as a full-stack developer.

Earlier this year, I founded a company Otzaf where I'm working on a few software projects where privacy is the top priority. Software that puts people first - not profit.

In my spare time, I work on Krug, a compiled programming language, which you can read more about on the website here.

I have a few other side projects you should check out: my text editor Phi, a 2d graphics framework in Go Strife, and a few others on my GitHub.


I write articles from time to time. Here are my most recent ones:



You can email me at mail@felixangell.com.